Who is this event for?

The No Girl Left Behind events are for girls aged eight and up and all women.
You are welcome and safe at our event.

Do I need to be a parent to attend?

No! You do not need to have a child to attend this event.

Are the women and girls doing the same activities?

No! Participants are divided into age groups (girls 8-11, girls 12-15,
and women 16+) and our team guides the groups through workshops that are
intentionally designed to target the hardships they face.

Can I drop my child off for this event?

Your child can attend this event without an adult. However, we do require that parents/guardians sign a waiver upon drop off.

What does the day look like?

Check out our event itinerary!

Grande Prairie
Toronto (coming soon)

What do I have to gain from this event?

This isn't your average conference. The No Girl Left Behind events
are thoughtfully designed and our team will guide participants through
meaningful workshops that will provide women and girls with lifelong
tools to help them feel empowered. Break the cycle!

Learn more about what girls will gain from this event here.

Learning more about what women will gain from this event here.

Are tickets refundable?

Tickets to No Girl Left Behind events are non-refundable.