No Girl Left Behind is a nonprofit organization, offering one-of-a-kind events designed to help women and girls grow and thrive.

We are so excited to bring No Girl Left Behind events to Grande Prairie, Edmonton, and Toronto in 2024!

Our team has developed an event that will provide you with lifelong tools to help you change your mindset, feel happier, healthier, and more confident. Our goal is to have you leave feeling EMPOWERED.

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2024 Theme: Relationships

The No Girl Left Behind Event is for women and girls 9+. You'll spend the day learning how to be EMPOWERED.

Women and youth participants will engage in hands-on activities designed to tackle the hardships they face at their stage of life, and then come together for lunch and an epic dance party as an empowered collective.

Our goal is for all our guests to know their worth, live an empowered life and learn effective skills to navigate the world as we know it.

We aren't just going to tell you, we're going to teach you.

Teach you to change your mindset, teach you how to heal, teach you how to communicate effectively, teach you how to use your voice, teach you how to break toxic cycles, and teach you how to nurture healthy relationship habits.

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